Does Jump-n-Jack’s have private party rooms?

Yes, Jump-n-Jack’s offers 4 large private rooms for serving pizza, ice cream and cake. 

What if I have more guests?

Additional kids can be accommodated for an additional cost of ($12) per child.  If your party exceeds 24 kids, we can expand our party rooms to accommodate larger groups, but in order to maintain staff-to-child ratios (for safety), we need to be prepared in advance.

When do I need to provide Jump-n-Jack’s a final headcount?

If there are any changes in to your party, please provide us with the adjusted headcount no later than 48 hours prior to the party, allowing us time to make any final adjustments to your party package.  Your remaining balance will be adjusted after your party to reflect the changes.

How many adults are allowed?

We encourage participation by all family members and friends; however our party rooms reach full capacity quickly. Adult family members can sit in our main seating areas while children are in the private rooms and adult participants who don’t bring a child will be required to abide by our security procedures.

Can I bring my own decorations for my child’s party?

Yes, while we provide a complete table setting, you are allowed to bring your own decorations with the exception of confetti, piñatas, streamers and silly string. Please take home any decorations you bring to Jump-n-Jack’s. We may charge an additional cleaning fee if there is excessive clean up or damage to the party room.

Does Jump-n-Jack’s have balloons?

No, due to the shortage of helium, we no longer have balloons. Ballons can be purchased locally and brought in for your party.

Does Jump-n-Jack’s have ice cream?

Yes, we have ice cream. You can place your order when making your party reservation.

Can I bring my own food to the party?

You can bring your own birthday cake and candles. However, we don’t allow any other outside food and/or beverages unless children have allergies or dietary restrictions.

Who serves the food at my party?

Your Jump-n-Jack’s Party Host will serve the food and handle the clean up unless specified by the host parents.  A knife to cut your cake is provided.

Am I responsible for the set up and cleaning of the party room?

You can take on any role you wish however, our top priority is to provide the host parents a hassle free event. This should be a special day for both you and your child!  Each party is assigned a Party Host who is responsible for the organization of the entire party from booking, to set up, room clean up and assisting you to your car.

Can I bring my own goodie bags?

You may bring your own goodie bags, however Jump-n-Jack’s goodie bags are extremely affordable, offer a great variety of items and coupons and are pre-prepared, saving the host valuable time and money.

When do I need to place my food order for the party?

You can place your food order while booking your party.  If there are changes, please let us know no later than 48 hours prior to your party so we can adjust as needed.

How do I reserve my child's party at Jump-n-Jack’s?

To get the date and time you want, we advise that you book your party 2 months in advance. However, we will always try to accommodate even the most immediate need with an available time slot. You can book your party online or contact us directly.  A $100 deposit is required at the time of booking to hold your reservation and will be applied towards your party.

If I need to reschedule or cancel my child’s party can I get a refund on my deposit?

Provided Jump-n-Jack’s has the date and time available, you are welcome to reschedule your party.  Deposits are refundable if cancelled 21 days prior to your event.  No refunds will be made if it is within 21 days from the date of your party but we will always work with you to reschedule your party.

When will my credit card be charged?

We ask that you provide us with a final count 48 hours prior to the party to allow us to prepare properly for your event. However, we don’t take final payment until your party is over. If more children attend than your final head count, an additional charge of per child ($12) will be added.

When do I need to arrive?

You should arrive 15 minutes early to check in with your Party Host. Your guests should arrive when the party is set to begin, and won’t be allowed into the play area until you arrive. 

Can I spend more time in the private party room after the party session is over?

All guests must exit the party room an hour & 45 mins after their party start time so we can prepare for the next party.  We have plenty of sitting in our open play area and the kids can continue playing but we must get the room ready for the next party.

What is your gratuity/tipping policy?

The Party Host’s goal is to provide you and the birthday child with a memorable experience. Your generosity is greatly appreciated, especially after a job well done.

How do you keep your equipment clean?

At a minimum, our equipment is cleaned daily and on an as-needed basis. No food or drink is allowed on the inflatables. Jump-n-Jack’s has committed to sanitizing all inflatable surfaces by Aire-Master. The service is intended to reduce exposure to germs and cross-contamination for all who visit and play at Jump-n-Jack’s, making it a much cleaner environment than rented inflatables, school, public playgrounds, daycare centers and amusement parks. Aire-Master applies an OSHA-approved, FDA-certified solution that is completely safe for human contact while killing more than 99.9 percent of commonly encountered germs. The formulation has been engineered to deliver residual germ killing power for a minimum of seven days, ensuring that Jump-n-Jack’s is effectively covered from one weekly service to the next. The application is performed after hours by expertly trained technicians.